October 2014

Halloween costumes: Are you ready for the most exciting party of the year?

What are you going to choose for this years Halloween party? Uniforms, movie characters, something creepy, something sweet? There are so many options nowadays for halloween costumes and so easy to find them online, in shops or even improvise something. Last year I attended to a private party in Stockholm and my choice was a sexy-creepy nurse costume. The party is organized every year by the coolest Fredrika Johnson in Grand

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Next weekend in Stockholm: The plan!

Soo soo happy with a big “H”!! Thursday are coming some of my friends to visit me in Stockholm!! It’s a big deal, since all my friends from Romania are avoiding Scandinavia because of the cold weather rumors that are surrounding this region. Well, I prepared a whole schedule for all their weekend in Stockholm, in order to make sure they will have a lot of fun, enjoy the city

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You ask, I answer!

Due to that I got a few questions from some of you, I wanted to answer them in a post, so that everyone can have access to this info (not that everyone cares 🙂 )

CHANEL N°5 commercial: The one that I want

This commercial got me crazy, made me live inside it and explore the feelings of the woman in it: in this case the amazing Gisele Bundchen. The soundtrack is a cover after The one that I want (Grease), and my opinion is that it sounds much, much better this version! Can’t believe that Chanel succeeded to turn such a classic song into a sexy soundtrack! I wasn’t such a big

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Top 10 best Iphone apps for a easy life

I love researching and find the best Iphone apps. These genius guys that have invented the smartphones and gave the possibility to other creators to invent all kind of apps, they actually saved our lives. While many people are judging us – those addicted to their phones –  for not being involved in the “real life” , others may say: “I have a real life, but I prefer making it

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Mykonos vacation

Mykonos is a beautiful and cosmopolitan greek island located in the Cyclades. The island is very small, around 85 square meters and very compact. In the main town, Chora, are living around 10.000 people only, and most of them are moving out every year after the season is closing. The major industry on the island is tourism, and Mykonos is very well knows for it’s parties, nightclubs, beach parties and

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