December 2014

Get Ready for New Year – Video

Hey girls!! I added few more info in the post that I haven’t been able to add in the video! New Year caught you unprepared? You are not the only one. Maybe you’ve had projects with short deadlines to finish until the end of the year, or didn’t have a plan on where to spend the New Year, or simply planning is not your thing. You realized it’s few days

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My beautiful girls in Sweden

The preparations for the Christmas holidays occupied all my time the last week and I haven’t been able to post here about the visit of my beautiful friends in Sweden. They have been here for only 4 days but we had such an amazing time together!!! They came all the way from Zurich and Bucharest. We all needed this “girls reunion” at the end of the year, since we all

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My Christmas Wishlist

Dear Santa, since I’ve been an awful good girl, as the song says, I’m expecting that you make my dreams come true! And here’s my Christmas wishlist:   Shoes for home Tickets to Lenny Kravitz in summer   Fav items in Lingerie       A piece of a chic heaven – St. Barts New In Net-a-Porter – Sneakers     Laura8 earrings Best hair tool ever!  

Lucia in Sweden

Today is Lucia day in Sweden, one of Sweden’s favorite holidays! When I moved here, I didn’t know what this day is about, but then I understood is the same celebration of Saint Lucia as in Italy. There are 2 versions of the story here, one of them is that Lucia was a female martyr in the beginning of the christianity around year 200 a.C and this is a Christian

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Mykonos – The place where you get it all

The Christmas holiday spirit and the coldness outside made me think these days on our last trip this summer, in Mykonos, Greece. Of course, I wasn’t thinking that summer is close, but with nostalgia in my heart and heavy breath I’m thinking how long is left until I’ll be able to touch the waves of the ocean again, the sand, the warm weather, the smell of the fire on the

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5 things you need to know about Christmas in Sweden

Hmm..this year, time went so fast! One moment I am in Mykonos, enjoying the waves, the sun and the sand, next I wake up in bed freezing while outside are 0 degrees Celsius. At least if it would be snow… I’m a summer person, so winter is my worst enemy, but there is one thing that summer can’t replace: The winter holidays!! And here in Sweden is the best place

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