January 2015

My mood for today – lazy snowy Sunday

Press play on the song first 🙂 First snow this year.. What a beautiful view on my window, but still…I don’t get the mood to go out of the house. I rather stay all day in bed, listen music and start reading the book I got from my friend Raluca, The Bastard of Istanbul by Elif Safak. And share this with you.. This song made my day! It express so

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Friends, music and a good time

Few weeks ago, when I was on my way out for a nice dinner in Jönköping, my boyfriend and I got a last minute invitation to a local event where the swedish singer Paulina Starborn was going to have a concert for the night. So after our delicious dinner, we attended to the event for an hour, and then we finished our evening in the hotel’s Spa, where the singer

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A new beginning – New Year’s resolutions

Hi everyone!! This is the first post of 2015! How exciting!! First of all, I want to say that I hope 2015 will be YOUR YEAR, that all your plans and resolutions will be successful, that even the most naughty dreams you have will come true and mostly, that you will find the happiness you’re looking for! And love…lots of love!! Kisses, embraces, touches, passions, dreams, warm emotions, laughs, tears

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