December 2015

Spend the Holidays in Scandinavia

Just a few days left until New Year. Cards are done, food is planned, tickets are bought, hotels are reserved, invites are sent, dresses are bought. But not everybody had made up a plan already, I have friends that wrote me asking if they can come visit during the New Year, cause they woke up too late to book a vacation. So did we this year. And 2 and 3 years

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December’s Favorites

I could say December’s Favorites, or I could say: The products I am obsessed with right now! We all have some products we’ve fell in love with, or a pair of jeans among others, that we don’t undress anymore. Well, a new year is coming soon and I was thinking to list my favorite products in 2015. And that’s how I noticed I got some fixations this year. For example, I

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