January 2016

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What I wish I knew before travelling to Mykonos – Tips & Tricks

Long time ago, I decided to make a few late posts about my summer adventure travelling to Mykonos, to help you plan and guide you to the best of the place. Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep my promise to the end, because something else was always coming up for the blog. Now I realized many people start planning their summer vacation, so it’s the best period to bring up the subject again on the

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Hot Trends in 2016 – Oversized Earrings, Pink Explosion & more

The first month of the year is soon finished already! Last year I wrote an article about what trends were coming in 2015. This year I couldn’t see big changes in the collections of the design houses, but I did observed some incredibly hot trends in 2016 in both interior and fashion design! Here are just a few of them: …the star colours of the year are… Already since December we know the

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