March 2016

5 Best Apps to Design & Edit Photos For Bloggers and Not Only

Today I’m going to share a secret with you. Actually, 5 secrets. 5 free tools that help me in my work as a marketer, for my blog and for the personal use of my images as well. I’ve been asked so many times, both online and offline, what programs do I use to edit photos or videos. It seems like it’s a trend to do so, even if you’re not

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Annecy, France – My European Car Trip #3

This story continues from here: Best of Switzerland Before going forward to our next destination, France, I looked the map and my Pinterest Places To Go board and pointed to some of France’s most beautiful cities. As France is filled with amazing places, small and charming villages, and unique things to do and see, we had to choose a road that connects Switzerland and the Italian Riviera, that passes some important destinations and that

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