About Lorellay

Lorellay is the symbol of growth & development. It’s meant to inspire girls becoming women, or women that want to feel as girls again. I believe in a world where beauty, brains and ambition are working hand in hand. Where women empower women and feminism is still related to femininity.

And that’s what Lorellay is: Strong, smart, beautiful, funny, fashionable and classy. 

You are Lorellay.


It all started when I was 12. My German language teacher asked me to learn a poem for the school’s yearly festivity. Her choice was Die Lorelei, by Heinrich Heine. A beautiful poem, it speaks the tale of mermaid Lore Lay, adapted by Heine from the original piece of Clement Brentano written in 1800.

A 200 years old story, that hunted me ever since I read it. Maybe because of the name similarity. Or maybe because of the tragic, but OH! so romantic end. Lore Lay, in translation – murmuring rock, was an enchanting woman in a little town near the Rhine river, which, because of her beauty, was acused of bewitching and driving men to death. Instead of accepting her punishment of dedicating her life to God, she led the three knights that were escorting her to the convent, into a trap. Begging them to let her see the Rhine one more time by going up the hills, she showed them a man in a boat claiming it’s the man she loved forever. And then she jumped over in the Rhine, and so did they… The story ends with an enchanting tripling of her name: Lore Lay, Lore Lay, Lore Lay... heard and narrated by the boatman, her lover.

Who am I? 

I am Loredana

Most time I am just an ordinary woman living in Sweden, working here with Digital Media & Copywriting. I also create websites, which feels pretty cool in combination with my make-up and dancing skills.

Other times, I am the best friend of some amazing women that are or aren’t located in the same spot as me, so I am a traveler friend.

I adore fashion, food, travelling, people, writing, music, design, red wine and high-heels – and I’m a social freak!

Love brought me to Sweden and since then I love this country more and more, and the man that basically dragged me here (since I used to hate Scandinavian weather!!!)

I won`t say more about me, but let you discover, ask me or even guess! This way, we keep it fun! Please enjoy and participate!

Ah, and if you want to reach me, don’t bother to find a contact form. I hate those. Let’s be personal, so email me at loredana@lorellay.com or ping me in any of the social media accounts found up on the right side of this page.