Animal print material

This fall is about…animal print accessories!

I can`t be more happy than this!! I always loved animal print accessories, and of course, the Dolce & Gabbana classical print! But not always it is used in the proper way. When wearing animal print accessories you have to keep in mind one thing: too much can be cheap, not chic! To get you started for this fall, you MUST have in your garderobe at lest one pair of animal print shoes (I prefer stilettos) and one bag with the same type of print. My favourite outfit for these type of pieces is smart casual, usually simple pieces so that the glamour will be into the shoes!

The best accessory to wear with this outfits it`s nothing more than a golden well manufactured watch, since the print makes all the glamour! So go ahead and dare! Print is fashion, animal print is sexy fashion…


This fall is about...animal print accesories!