My beauty rituals #1 – Miracle oils for hair growth and hydration

Darlings, we all know how important it is to look fresh, healthy and young, no matter the age. At the beginning of the year I made a post regarding new trends in fashion, home interior and lifestyle where I mentioned that staying and looking healthy is very important for us women. Beauty comes from the inside, indeed, but our skin, hair and nails need a boost every once in a while, so that we could shine like a diamond and keep ourselves young. With all the external factors that are damaging our skin and hair as makeup, temperature changes, hair painting or the tools we use in hairstyling, we need to keep a balance in order to look healthy.

There are lots of tricks that I’ve learned and experienced and that I have been very satisfied with. ¬†And now I want to share them with you. I will show you some general homemade tips for hair hydration and hair growth. Remember, I always experience new things, so I change my beauty routines every once in a while. And I suggest you do that as well. Each season our skin and hair goes through different changes and the products we are using must be adapted to our needs.

The best way to hydrate and repair your hair is by using natural oils in combination with good hair care products. Usage of oils is the oldest form of cosmetic, Egyptian men and women being the first ones who discovered that they could use different types of oils to clean and soften their skin, to mask body odor or to treat different areas as lips, hair or sunburned skin. 12.000 years later, we are still using them to repair the damages that other commercial products are causing. Irony! ūüôā

As for the homemade treatments, these are few of my favorite combinations of oils for hair:

                      Hydrating Natural Oil Mixtures

Oil mixture coconut oil olive oil and honey for hair hydrating. oils for hair
Coconut oil, olive oil and honey mixture. I use this every week to hydrate my hair ends.


  1. Coconut Oil + Olive Oil + Honey
  2. Coconut Oil + Argan Oil
  3. Argan Oil + Almond Oil
  4. Olive Oil + Smashed Avocado
  5. Argan Oil + Honey + Few drops of Tea Tree Oil


How to use 

  • The quantities depend on each hair size and volume, so just go with your instincts, but try to add almost equal measures.
  • Do not add the combinations on your scalp. These combinations I use only for my hair, WITHOUT APPLYING ON THE ROOTS. They are very fat and will make your roots greasy.
  • Spread your hair in 7 – 10 parts, apply the combination and massage very gently on each part. When you are ready, tie your hair and cover it with a shower cap. This will help the oil get into your hair fiber, because oils are activated only in warm and wet environments.
  • Try to sleep all night with it and wash it off in the morning. If not possible, leave the mixture at least for 2, 3 hours and then wash.

There are so many combinations you can make between these oils, the important thing is that you apply a treatment every week.

                              Oils for hair growth

Years ago I used to have much shorter hair and I suffered really much because I wanted so badly to have long hair! The reason for that were the bad quality products I used before I learned more about beauty. Hair grows faster if you boost up the speed little bit with natural oils as castor¬†and tea tree oil. I haven’t tried them together yet. Use castor oil once a week by massaging your roots and scalp with it. I also use it for my eyebrows and eyelashes! For an easy use, soak in a clean mascara brush! It is really amazing, and 100% functional! It gives volume to my eyelashes and it is a long term alternative to fake lashes.


Oils for hair growth

                                     Leave-in oils

Leave in hair oils Kerastase Elixir Ultimate Argan Oils for hair


Dried or broken hair ends need a special attention, if not the scissors. From my experience, if they are already destroyed, you can only use oils or treatments to prolong cutting them. But in the end, you’ll anyway need to use the scissors… To prevent damaged hair ends, use a hydrating mixture of oils on them every week, before bath, and every day a drop of any of the preferred cosmetic oils for hair. I personally use Kerastase Elixir Ultimate¬†on my hair ends every day, because it’s not that greasy and for a thin, fine hair as mine, leave in oil is kind of destroying the hairstyle. In the past, I used also Morrocan Oil light blonde and Lee Stanford Argan Oil which are great, but I always come back to Kerastase. And my favorite of all is Liquid Crystal Oil from Technique System Repair, not sure that is the full name, I used to get it from my friend in Romania, she exclusive imported the products in the country, but once I moved to Sweden, I lost track of it. The coconut version of the oil smells¬†incredible, it’s the least greasy and the effects on the hair are really visible after a few weeks of using it. The product is so much cheaper than anything else on the market, so if you find it anywhere, just go for it!


oils mixtures. oils for hair


These oils literally have done miracles for me. I am truly satisfied with my hair now, even though I still don’t have the hair of an oriental woman, as you can see in the picture above. My hair is thin, silky and very easy to damage, therefore it needs a high maintenance, especially since I love using the straightener and curler often. But with the help of these products I try to keep it healthy as much as I can. And of course, even though I feel so unhappy when I get a haircut, I do clip the ends every 3 months.

Take care of your hair and tell me if you tried these products and if you see any visible results in time, as I did. What other oils are you using that you are satisfied with?

Truly yours,

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      Hi Gaby, thank you so much!Actually, fun you ask that! I felt like I missed something regarding that! Well, I am using an ecological coconut oil that can be used both for cooking and cosmetically, because it is 100% pure coconut oil. Same with olive oil. Try to find one that is 100% pure.Bisous!

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