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5 Best Apps to Design & Edit Photos For Bloggers and Not Only

Today I’m going to share a secret with you. Actually, 5 secrets. 5 free tools that help me in my work as a marketer, for my blog and for the personal use of my images as well. I’ve been asked so many times, both online and offline, what programs do I use to edit photos or videos. It seems like it’s a trend to do so, even if you’re not

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Top 10 best Iphone apps for a easy life

I love researching and find the best Iphone apps. These genius guys that have invented the smartphones and gave the possibility to other creators to invent all kind of apps, they actually saved our lives. While many people are judging us – those addicted to their phones –  for not being involved in the “real life” , others may say: “I have a real life, but I prefer making it

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