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A new beginning – New Year’s resolutions

Hi everyone!! This is the first post of 2015! How exciting!! First of all, I want to say that I hope 2015 will be YOUR YEAR, that all your plans and resolutions will be successful, that even the most naughty dreams you have will come true and mostly, that you will find the happiness you’re looking for! And love…lots of love!! Kisses, embraces, touches, passions, dreams, warm emotions, laughs, tears

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My Christmas Wishlist

Dear Santa, since I’ve been an awful good girl, as the song says, I’m expecting that you make my dreams come true! And here’s my Christmas wishlist:   Shoes for home Tickets to Lenny Kravitz in summer   Fav items in Lingerie       A piece of a chic heaven – St. Barts New In Net-a-Porter – Sneakers     Laura8 earrings Best hair tool ever!  

Halloween costumes: Are you ready for the most exciting party of the year?

What are you going to choose for this years Halloween party? Uniforms, movie characters, something creepy, something sweet? There are so many options nowadays for halloween costumes and so easy to find them online, in shops or even improvise something. Last year I attended to a private party in Stockholm and my choice was a sexy-creepy nurse costume. The party is organized every year by the coolest Fredrika Johnson in Grand

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You ask, I answer!

Due to that I got a few questions from some of you, I wanted to answer them in a post, so that everyone can have access to this info (not that everyone cares 🙂 )

CHANEL N°5 commercial: The one that I want

This commercial got me crazy, made me live inside it and explore the feelings of the woman in it: in this case the amazing Gisele Bundchen. The soundtrack is a cover after The one that I want (Grease), and my opinion is that it sounds much, much better this version! Can’t believe that Chanel succeeded to turn such a classic song into a sexy soundtrack! I wasn’t such a big

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Top 10 best Iphone apps for a easy life

I love researching and find the best Iphone apps. These genius guys that have invented the smartphones and gave the possibility to other creators to invent all kind of apps, they actually saved our lives. While many people are judging us – those addicted to their phones –  for not being involved in the “real life” , others may say: “I have a real life, but I prefer making it

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Which Scandinavian country do you belong in?

Tonight, while researching for my homework for the swedish classes, I found a really fun and friendly quiz that reveals you in which Scandinavian country you fit best. After answering all questions, the result proved me one more time that I actually find myself in the right place on Earth! SWEDEN. 🙂

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