Where to Eat in Mykonos?

If you’ve decided to go to Mykonos, then you’ve already Googled around for places to eat, party and beach, and by luck (hopefully) you got here! But you must have read other things about this incredibly multi-tasking island and you’d know by now that it’s the most fun island in Greece! Moreover, the food is so diverse, but anyway delicious!

Depending what you’d like to do on the daytime, you have many choices in finding great places around the island. On the streets of Chora, the labyrinth town, you have a restaurant or tavern every 5 meters. Cheap, stylish, expensive, fast, cozy, sweet, luxurious or bodega, there is a place for every taste. But if you only have a few days to explore the town, you’ll want to know where to and where to not eat in Mykonos. I’ll only name our favourites, the places I still dream about day and night when I think of food and atmosphere and I’ll also tell you what makes them special.

For a romantic and elegant escape:

Remezzo Restaurant & Cocktail Bar

It-place for eating & enjoying delicious cocktails while the elegant atmosphere and fine views are all around the place. As much as I enjoyed our time there, I couldn’t take any pictures of the place due to the strong wind that evening. But just google Remezzo Mykonos, and you’ll find lots of amazing pictures on their site.

For a delicious Italian treat:

Pasta Fresca Barkia

Pasta Fresca is one of those places you wish to discover when in Italy, deep hidden around the streets of Rome. Definitely the best Italian experience in Mykonos, the food is absolutely delicious, the gnocchi, the homemade pasta, the pizza, the wine, and the atmosphere, are things that make me nostalgic and to almost fly to Mykonos right now and eat their delicious gnocchi!

I loved:

  • All their food and winelist
  • Fresh homemade pasta – available for buying too
  • The setting – they have 2 levels, terrace and a lovely spot at the windows upstairs


Pasta Fresca Barkia Restaurant Eat in Mykonos Where to Eat in Mykonos Pasta Fresca Barkia Mykonos Where to Eat in Mykonos Pasta Fresca Barkia Eat in Mykonos Best Pasta Best pasta gnocchi mykonos

For the traditional Greek food, show, dances & zorba:

Blue Myth Restaurant (Petinos Hotel)

The closest to the greek experience we got while in Mykonos, it was here. This place is located in the Platys Gialos area of Mykonos and is facing the beautiful beach and boats that are stationing in the area.


  • You’ll get a nice traditional greek dance show, with a wine glass over the head, plates and all that fuzz;
  • The place has some nice views if you’re sitting on the terrace and not INSIDE, where is also little bit too warm in July month, but if you want to see the dances, aim for the inside.
  • They are mentioned by everyone in Mykonos for the REAL traditional Greek food. I, personally, loved it!
  • It’s owned by a warm Greek family, which you might even get to know 🙂

For the famous Souvlaki:


Located just across the street of Pasta Fresca Barkia in the middle of Chora town, the little restaurant is almost like a fast food experience, except it’s not one. Chora is full of souvlaki places, but we personally enjoyed this one most.

Eat In Mykonos Pepper Souvlaki Mykonos Eat Best Souvlaki Peppers Souvlaki Mykonos

For a day at the beach combined with fun, cocktails and awesome food:

Jackie O Pool

This place is definitely exclusive! Jackie O is a pool, bar and restaurant in the Super Paradise Bay. Near the beautifully designed location, they have a beach place as well. Though I didn’t really enjoy passing the beach, because I must admit, I don’t like seeing naked people, the pool is fantastic for a full day of sun tanning, cocktails and lunch. The restaurant is fabulous, and even if you don’t want to sit at the sun, you should pass by for an eat.


  • The food in the restaurant is exquisite! Amazing appetisers!
  • The Pool and The Restaurant are facing fabulous views over the sea, the pictures below will speak for themselves…
  • In the day time is quiet, but you can hear really good lounge music in the background. The volume grows during the daytime, evoking your party mood step by step.
  • The pool features a small stage where they have drag shows in the afternoons, followed by people dancing and partying until the sunset.
  • The music! Oh, I used my Shazam app every 5 minutes 🙂


Mykonos 231 JackieOBeachPool JackieOMykonos Restaurant Eat in mykonos best food eat in mykonos JackieOFoodRestaurant Eat in mykonos Jackie O Mykonos restaurant Eat in Mykonos JackieO Mykonos Food Best Entrecote JackieO Mykonos Pool

For the quiet seekers and the wild dreamers:

Liasti in Lia Beach

This is the quietest spot on the island. Lia Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Mykonos, with crystal clear water, soft sand and incredible views. Liasti, the only restaurant I’ve seen there, became our favourite one on the island, after tasting the delicious mouthwatering dishes. Plus, the atmosphere was very relaxed, exactly what we needed at that point in our vacation. We were surprised to find this place, as it’s the last point on the map in Mykonos, therefore I advised you here to rent a car and go find your favourite spot.

Let me tell you about Liasti:

  • They have a garden behind the restaurant where they grow their own vegetables
  • Their food is fresh and generously tasty
  • It’s calm and quiet, letting you breath in the sound of the waves
  • It’s untouched, but classy
  • It’s my favourite restaurant in Mykonos!
  • And still, I didn’t get any pictures, since all my devices were dead

Of course, these spots are only a few from many, many, many choices you have in Mykonos. This island is a food and party paradise, therefore is no need to take an all inclusive or half board hotel. Just go out of your hotel and you’ll find something amazing to eat everywhere.

Don’t forget to have an eat in Little Venice while watching the amazing Mykonos sunset. You’ll love it!

P.S. Another favourite spot to eat, beach and party on the daytime is Nammos Beach – their restaurant is so much fun and the food is amazing: they serve incredibly delicious and fresh seafood and fish. Go for the beach day, make sure you book a table for the lunch time and after you ate, prepare to see beautiful and stylish people dancing on the tables. Sounds fun? More in the next article about Where to Party in Mykonos. 

See my whole Mykonos vacation, tips & tricks and fabulous pictures.

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  1. john and Laurel Rodgers

    The food there looks excellent We nearly spent the winter last you in Mykonos but instead opted for Andros though our food choices were not this good. We are planning on another trip to the lslands this winter and will have to try some of the spots you listed here. I think both Pepper and Pasta Fresca Barkia are the two that you mentioned that would appeal most to me and the Jackie O Pool would be Laurels pick just by seeing the steak in your photo. This may help us a great deal deciding on a 3 month stay for the winter. I know many things do close but still it would be a nice stopover for us.

    1. Lorellay

      Indeed, during the winter almost all the island is closed, but I’m pretty sure Pasta Fresca Barkia is open, since they have a very cool inside place. Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  2. iamsuanlee

    Mykonos looks so incredibly fresh and not to mention tasty! Liasti sounds like a dream to me, I like discovering and visiting hidden gems when I travel so this will definitely be a welcome addition to my list of places to visit. Thank you so much for your guide!

  3. Evanne

    This food looks amazing! Not to mention the views to go with it. I would love to see a Greek dancing show while eating at one of these places!

    1. Lorellay

      Thanks! Wish I could have recorded the whole show, however, when you have so much fun, it’s almost impossible to keep your devices close to you 🙂

  4. Sheri

    First of all, your pictures are absolutely beautiful. This is a great guide for anyone visiting.I also love the idea of a quiet beach. Bookmarking and sharing this post!

  5. Jen Morrow

    Darn, we did not spend nearly enough time in Mykonos! I missed out on a ton of great places to eat, especially after reading your descriptions and the photos! Saving this for my next visit.

  6. Alina Popescu

    The food looks absolutely excellent! I’ve only been to Athens and Thessaloniki but it was enough to fall in love with Greek food. I tend to stick to local everything when I travel – food, drinks, sweets, so I avoid all other types of restaurants if I can help it. Mykonos, as all Greek destinations, has always been fascinated to me. I grew up with ancient Greek mythology, so I’d love to see every inch of this country.

    1. Lorellay

      I hear you Alina! My boyfriend is pretty much the same! Oh, Thessaloniki is on my wishlist, and will probably visit it next summer – we are on a Spanish discovery mood this year 😀

  7. Bernard Tan

    I was trying to figure out where Mykonos is located, I didnt know that it is an island of Greece. It is such a beautiful place! I would love to try the handmade pasta!

  8. Tina

    The pictures look so inviting! I just like to go there right now and get pampered with this delicious goodness that this island has to offer. How is the situation over there at the moment with the refuge crisis over there? Some people told me that Greece isn’t a good destination at the moment is this true?

    1. Lorellay

      Thanks for the comment! I’m not really certain with the situation in Greece, but Mykonos is so small and out of reach, that I’m sure there is no crisis there. It’s basically tourism only over there…and as I understood, during the winter even the locals are moving out 🙂

  9. Rachel

    Looks like a fun vacation and all the food sounds amazing! I’d love to try the traditional Greek food. And those photos of the water are perfect!

  10. Tae

    My favorite place looks like it would be Pasta Fresca Barkia, I love the decor and how quaint it is… and of course, the food sounds delicious! Then again, the Jackie O Pool has awesome views! Have to go someday 🙂

  11. Sarah @ Expat of the World

    What an informative post– extremely useful for my future trip to Greece! Also I love reading about travel in Greece right now with everything going on, Greece could do with tourism now more than ever! #VisitGreece

  12. Kaja

    Mykanos foodie spots look unbelievably good! All the places you’ve shared are just to good to be true, hahaha, but seriously, whenever I’m in the area of Mycanos I’ll visit these beautiful places!

  13. Cai Dominguez-Travelosyo

    If I will have a chance to visit Europe in the future, I will highly consider Greece on the list. Nice beach, nice architecture and there you are you share the best place to eat here. Would love to try an authentic greek food. Thanks for sharing this helpful article 🙂

  14. Ashwini

    Mykonos is on mind and your post is just a guiding light! The food looks absolutely yum and makes me want to gorge on this right now!!

  15. Krystin

    Wow, this post is so well done! I don’t need to do any research now for where to eat in Mykonos, I have my research done for me 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing all of your opinions, this is definitely something I will keep in mind! Also, great photos!

  16. khaled

    I already booked my flight to be there next week and I wanted to thank you for all these great informations I will visit every place you mentioned in your nice report

      1. khaled

        So much it is fantastic I visited all the places you mentioned in your report and I rented a small car but I find it here too risky for driving thanks again for your nice reporr

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