Get Ready for New Year – Video

Hey girls!! I added few more info in the post that I haven’t been able to add in the video!

New Year caught you unprepared? You are not the only one. Maybe you’ve had projects with short deadlines to finish until the end of the year, or didn’t have a plan on where to spend the New Year, or simply planning is not your thing. You realized it’s few days left and no time for you to book you hairstylist, make-up artist, or even buy a new dress.

Been there, done that, and I have few easy tips for you that you can apply on the last hundred of meters, in order to look stunning and sexy and beautiful in the night between the years. So don’t panic! We will fix it!

Get Ready!


First thing to do is to make sure your nails look good and clean, so if you didn’t succeed to book a time on the last minute to manicure, you’ll have to do it by yourself! I m ust mention, this is hard and it can get Dirty!

At least in my case, which is why I never make it by myself. If you are one of those lucky girls whose left hand can paint the right hand, go ahead and do it! If you aren’t, one fast option would be to use foil nail stickers, which you can buy from almost any beauty shop in your area. My New Year preference would be something glammy, but classy: Silver. Not bad would be also black matte and gold. Your choice!

The Dress

No worry, look again into your wardrobe, you sure have something over there that you haven’t been seen into. We all have an outfit that have been missed! If not, the easiest way to make yourself remarked, is by attracting people’s eyes from the dress to you. In this case, you should give value to the dress, and not opposite! My suggestion is that you use the outfit in which you feel at your best, of course, respecting the dress code of the party you attend. Or simply wear a very sexy black dress that you have in your garderobe. Pencil shaped dresses with stilettos rocks, don’t forget that! This way, you’ll feel self confident, sexy, beautiful and you’ll turn peoples eyes into you, not your clothes.

Tips: Add on accessories: an statement necklace can do as 10 new dresses, believe me!


Even if you are a brunette, or a blonde or a redhead, the most easy but glamourous trick for your hair is weavy hair. Or big curls. Every girl has to a have a curler or a straightener home, now it’s time for you to use it! Depending on how long or thick your hair is, curl only half of it, so that you create the volume effect but not look like grandma in the ’60. Don’t get me wrong, retro is chic and fashionable, but you’re not planing to go to a masquerade are you?


Smokey eyes and nude lips are a perfect choice for an occasion like that, with a dress like that and a hair like that, but you can also chose to wear a pin-up make up: black touche and red lipstick.

I hope these few informations are helpful and don’t forget that the ultimate accessory is your smile! It’s only few hours left until New Year, so go get ready!

Happy New Year full of prosperities & love!


    1. Lorellay

      Oh, yes, I love braided hair, Georgia! Unfortunately I can’t do it by myself yet! 🙂 Happy New Year and may our blogs reach high heights in the year to come! Have a lovely night!

  1. Andreea

    Waaaw, that was hot!! You go girl! The part with the dirty nails was absolutely my fav! :))) Too bad I haven’t seen this video before new year, I actually was in a rush. Maybe you’ll do some DIY videos, I like your pretty look.

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