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Hot Trends in 2016 – Oversized Earrings, Pink Explosion & more

The first month of the year is soon finished already! Last year I wrote an article about what trends were coming in 2015. This year I couldn’t see big changes in the collections of the design houses, but I did observed some incredibly hot trends in 2016 in both interior and fashion design! Here are just a few of them:

…the star colours of the year are…

Already since December we know the colour of the year it’s not ONE colour this time, but 2! Rose Quartz & Serenity are the colours of the year. Mostly joined together. Probably because of: pink & blue = men & woman – gender equality. To me, both colours are favourites since years, and I saw the trend in fashion coming already since 2014, when the spring collections in NYFW were including so much dusty rose and sky blue.

But  I must say I’m really happy that rose makes a classy comeback . Pink is not only a favourite colour of mine, but also the colour that makes me happy no matter how sad or hard my day is. It’s the colour of hope, of challenge, the colour of smiles and candy, the colour that defeats the preconceptions.

balance between the colours on the year 2016


Minimalist style and smart usage of space in house decorating

I would say very much Scandinavian style all the way. But careful, just because it’s minimalist, it doesn’t mean it’s “black and white”. The experts say gold, cooper and silver objects are to be found in all ways this year. So, not a new trend, but becoming a more stable one. Go ahead, buy yourself some of those shiny gold candle holders 🙂

less is more minimalist style desk. hot trends in 2016


Ceramics, canvas and wall posters

2016 trends in wall posters


 Shades of pink, red “meat” and peach in home decor too

hot trends in 2016

Long, oversized earrings 

long earings 2016. hot trends in 2016
long earrings 2016
long earring 2016
Photo source: Vogue.com


 Off the shoulders outfits

What can be more feminine than a woman’s neck and shoulder? I always adored dresses and blouses that with off the shoulders sleeves, even though, it’s not an easy to wear trend. It seems so pretty, romantic, 60’s kind of beauty!

hot trends in 2016
Photo source: Vogue.com

That’s it for now! These are the few hot trends in 2016 that inspired me!

Let 2016 inspire you in ways you wouldn’t imagine, and don’t forget: follow the trend, but always add your own imagination and creativity to them! And tell me, what do you like in 2016’s trends?




  1. Georgia

    I’m not very excited about the colors of the year, I think they look classy, however I like stronger colors ?! I love big earings and minimalist home decor! Thanks for sharing, nice article!

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