New Year in Bali - a new beginning

A new beginning – New Year’s resolutions

Hi everyone!! This is the first post of 2015! How exciting!!

First of all, I want to say that I hope 2015 will be YOUR YEAR, that all your plans and resolutions will be successful, that even the most naughty dreams you have will come true and mostly, that you will find the happiness you’re looking for! And love…lots of love!! Kisses, embraces, touches, passions, dreams, warm emotions, laughs, tears of happiness, excitement, surprises, these are the feelings I want you to go through this year!

 It’s time for a new beginning!

Thank you for being part of my 2014! I promise 2015 will be full of surprises! The last couple of days I worked in planning new projects, but two of them are concrete already and soon I will be able to let you know about one of them, which is sooo exciting!! Beside this, I have few more things going on for the blog, that will happen during this year! It’s all about time! 🙂 Stay tuned!

I also decided that this year will be a year of changes, inside and outside myself! So you will probably see a dramatic change of hair one of these days! 😛 I made a huge list of resolutions and I’m very determined to respect it and to follow up each one of them! One of the most important is that I want to help more! No matter in which context. Also, I am determined to spend less, invest more! Maybe it’s the age, or the experience, or I suppose maturity.. I understand better the value of money invested smart, than wasted. It is going to be a hard one, but I must make smart shopping in order to make successful business.

Another promise I made to myself is that I will visit my friends as soon as I can during the year. In all the corners of the world! Friends are like family, you must always cherish and nourish them, feed them with your love and attention, praise them for their beautiful homes and wise decisions, and since I moved in Sweden, I feel that my friend duties were disregarded. So I must take action and show my friends I’m still here for them. 

Ok now I’ll stop and maybe I will share other resolutions later during the year 🙂 In the meantime, check out my 2014 accomplishments on my Facebook page !

I am so curious in hearing at least two of your resolutions!


  1. Lizzie

    Awesome! I love how personal you get! My most important resolution this year is that I want to create a blog myself.. Still didn’t figured out when. And I would love to buy a car. Any vacation plans this year?

    1. Lorellay

      Wonderful, Lizzie! Share with me your blog once you create it! I would love to know more! Well, this year I haven’t planed my vacations, I take it spontaneous, but I already have some small trips I need to do, one in Zurich to visit my friend and one in Romania in april.. Thoughts about L.A., Italy and Greece for summer! And of course Scandinavia all the year round.. Hope your dreams come true this year! Hugs!!

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