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Annecy, France – My European Car Trip #3

This story continues from here: Best of Switzerland Before going forward to our next destination, France, I looked the map and my Pinterest Places To Go board and pointed to some of France’s most beautiful cities. As France is filled with amazing places, small and charming villages, and unique things to do and see, we had to choose a road that connects Switzerland and the Italian Riviera, that passes some important destinations and that

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My European Car Trip #1 – Germany

What can be more satisfying, creative and tremendously fun, than visiting some of your most loved places in the same vacation, while combining old with new, fun with culture, beach time with hiking, luxury with countrysides and simple living? Well, I would say nothing… but I would lie! I’ll explain why, in the last article of this My European Car Trip series. We took one month off from our regular life to have a

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