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Beauty Is About Being Healthy – Stockholm Beauty Week

Didn’t I mention this in my New trends in Fashion, Beauty and Home in 2015 article some time ago? As promised, after I attended Stockholm Beauty Week press and bloggers event on Monday, I will share with you my experience there, whatever things I’ve learned and all the new revolutionary products I discovered during the event. But to summarize, this year’s event was all about natural, ecological and organic beauty products. Is that

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Health Paradise on Earth – The Place I Got Reborn

Hi, beautiful creatures! As Loredana wrote just before, I have a little secret to share with you! I’ve been really experiencing the “health paradise” on Earth, RICKATSCHWENDE, and I want to share with you my feelings and what this experience is about! The beautiful, calm place, the special cure I followed here, the benefits of it, and much more! This peaceful place is located in the heart of the clean Austrian Alps, in a

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