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Guide to Marbella – Where to Eat, What to Do & What to See

The weather in Sweden in the beginning of May was absolutely terrifying, so we’ve decided to leave this place for a short (but still long enough to explore) trip somewhere warm in Europe. Jonathan, my boyfriend, hates long flights, and so South Europe in spring is the best we can get to warm weather. Said and done: we looked on temperatures in Cyprus, Greece, Italy and Spain. In Cyprus we’ve been last

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My European Car Trip #1 – Germany

What can be more satisfying, creative and tremendously fun, than visiting some of your most loved places in the same vacation, while combining old with new, fun with culture, beach time with hiking, luxury with countrysides and simple living? Well, I would say nothing… but I would lie! I’ll explain why, in the last article of this My European Car Trip series. We took one month off from our regular life to have a

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