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Mykonos – The place where you get it all

The Christmas holiday spirit and the coldness outside made me think these days on our last trip this summer, in Mykonos, Greece. Of course, I wasn’t thinking that summer is close, but with nostalgia in my heart and heavy breath I’m thinking how long is left until I’ll be able to touch the waves of the ocean again, the sand, the warm weather, the smell of the fire on the

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Mykonos vacation

Mykonos is a beautiful and cosmopolitan greek island located in the Cyclades. The island is very small, around 85 square meters and very compact. In the main town, Chora, are living around 10.000 people only, and most of them are moving out every year after the season is closing. The major industry on the island is tourism, and Mykonos is very well knows for it’s parties, nightclubs, beach parties and

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