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Top 5 Most Original Outfits at the Oscars 2016

Last week I listed 8 mind-blowing dresses for the wedding season and while I was writing, I remembered that the Oscars are coming with the many wonderful and less attractive outfits on the red carpet. Have you been watching it last night? I, as usual, followed the feed of the biggest entertainment and fashion magazines, and followed up on the videos that seemed to be funny, legendary or just touching,

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8 Stunning Dresses For Weddings & Cocktails

In March starts a whole serie of weddings for me, some in Stockholm, some around… While I was looking around the internet for wedding outfits, I found a few models of dresses that basically left me day-dreaming! Some are little bit over-priced, some are worthy, but you’ll absolutely love them! So if you’re in need of a dress for a fancy event as a wedding, party, cocktail, reception, here you

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Is Buying Local Fashion, A Luxury?

This morning I listened to an interview on the radio station, encouraging buying local products from obviously, local companies. It makes sense. You contribute to your country’s economy instead of a big corporation with offshore headquarters and the prices should be cheaper, considering that there are no import taxes, transportation costs, etc. Even in the fashion industry. Except it’s not! It is not cheaper to wear local designers, neither in Romania,

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The story of a successful beginning – Gabrielle Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld

Even if the short movie was filmed in 2013, I believe it will never get old for me, I watched it over and over again not only for the fabulous story of Coco Chanel directed by Karl, but for the amazing actor, sweet woman, expressive face and character named Keira Knightley. We all know that she is the face of Chanel Mademoiselle fragrance and a Chanel Ambassador. I loved her

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Olivia wears it best!

The fashion piece that caught my attention recently is the monogrammed Burberry poncho. It`s precious, glamourous and still easy to adapt to many outfits! The piece is part of the autumn/winter 2014 collection and it is absolutely fabulous! Moreover, Burberry introduces now in september a new personalization service, which will allow us (the mortals) to add up to 3 letters or initials on the fresh newly cosy ponchos. I can´t wait

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