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How To Make A Flower Crown – Swedish Midsummer Celebration – Video

This weekend it’s a big one in Sweden, probably the most loved holiday of the year is happening on Saturday: Midsummer (Midsommar – sv) This holiday is a very serious celebration for the Swedish people, shops and everything else are closing the day before, everyone leaves town and visits the countryside, supplies of food and drinks are made in time; in a few words, it’s like a summer Christmas. Midsummer

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Spend the Holidays in Scandinavia

Just a few days left until New Year. Cards are done, food is planned, tickets are bought, hotels are reserved, invites are sent, dresses are bought. But not everybody had made up a plan already, I have friends that wrote me asking if they can come visit during the New Year, cause they woke up too late to book a vacation. So did we this year. And 2 and 3 years

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