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About Boxes & How They Change Our Lives

Boxes. We see them everywhere. We see them disguised in candle lanterns, in tables, in stoles, in the mail post, in the mall, on the street being handed to someone, we use them to organise our lives and our homes. Such a simple term and anyway so much meaning to it. Think a minute about this: Boxes are changing our lives. What do you think I’m talking about? The ring box

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My Christmas Wishlist

Dear Santa, since I’ve been an awful good girl, as the song says, I’m expecting that you make my dreams come true! And here’s my Christmas wishlist:   Shoes for home Tickets to Lenny Kravitz in summer   Fav items in Lingerie       A piece of a chic heaven – St. Barts New In Net-a-Porter – Sneakers     Laura8 earrings Best hair tool ever!