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How To Make A Flower Crown – Swedish Midsummer Celebration – Video

This weekend it’s a big one in Sweden, probably the most loved holiday of the year is happening on Saturday: Midsummer (Midsommar – sv) This holiday is a very serious celebration for the Swedish people, shops and everything else are closing the day before, everyone leaves town and visits the countryside, supplies of food and drinks are made in time; in a few words, it’s like a summer Christmas. Midsummer

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My European Car Trip #1 – Germany

What can be more satisfying, creative and tremendously fun, than visiting some of your most loved places in the same vacation, while combining old with new, fun with culture, beach time with hiking, luxury with countrysides and simple living? Well, I would say nothing… but I would lie! I’ll explain why, in the last article of this My European Car Trip series. We took one month off from our regular life to have a

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